Pre Easter Awesome

Today the kids and I went to two egg hunts: the glorious Spanish Fork City hunt at the ballpark, and then the East Meadows Ward hunt.  After the hunt I met Mandy and we went to the Salt Lake comic con.  We didn’t really do much but we did have fun.

Here is my end of day selffie.


Selfie 3-1-14

On the train


Selfie 2-27-14

I’m starting my one selfie per day now. Better late than never. After a half effort work out.



So last year I came up with this idea of filming 5 seconds a day. It didn’t really take off. I neglected it after 2 weeks. I would like to try again in 2014. Also to up the ante I think I’m going to do a one selfie per day pic of myself. Why you ask? Because I’m beautiful.

All of this and more coming in 2014. Stay tuned.

Five Seconds A Day

I’m going to start a project where I record myself for 5 seconds each day and compile it into a continuous video.  I’ve seen a couple folks do this, and I was inspired.  I’m going to set a couple ground rules for my recordings here:

1.  The recording must take place in the particular day, any time in the 24 hour period.

2. The recording does not need to include myself, but I do need to make the recording, or be somehow directly involved in the recording.

3. I must appear on the recording at least twice a week.

4. I must record at least 5 seconds.  Recording more is not an issue, however I am going to expect to edit each clip to 5 seconds.

5. I may change my edits to less than 5 seconds.

6. I will make all raw video available publicly.

7. As a side project I will work to automate the automatic compilation of the video.

8. I can change any rule, except I need to record every day.

I will consider 1/21/2013 my start day as I have video of myself for that day, plus it aligns nicely with the beginning of Obama’s second term.  Raw video will be saved here: I’ll start combining the video in the coming days when I’m ready to get fancy with my scripting fu.

I’m really looking forward to working on this project.




We’ve made it to 2013. This is the year where I turn 30, which I’m very lukewarm about. It could be worse, it could be 40.

Election 2012 Prediction Map

Here is my map for 2012. Let’s see how I do:

Paul Jones Dayton predicts the electoral college results for 2012.

It takes a lot of work to raise children

I remember years ago my grandmother often reflecting, in frustration, “That’s what you get for having children.” She would often lament in such a way after some crazy thing that me or my sister did.

Well now is my time, and I will fully admit, it is very difficult. As the children grow they are capable of taking care of their physical needs, however their emotional or psychological needs grow. No where is this more evident than in the growth of my 7 year old daughter Starla.

She is at a point where emotions rule the day, and she is not easily swayed by other distractions. All of this at age 7, it may be a bumpy ride.

I’ve found that the best way to approach parenting is from a position of love. If my children know that they are loved, despite the fact that they are behaving poorly, they seem to be much more capable of understanding why they have erred. However, if I approach discipline from the perspective of anger, all bets are off as to how effective I will be, and I usually lose control of the situation. Today in frustration I told my daughter to “shut the hole in her face.” She sensed my anger, continued to say what she was saying, and immediately informed Mandy about my statement upon returning home. Now the wife and kids make fun of me, and I’ve lost a little bit of credibility with my daughter.

I guess the point I’m trying to make to myself is this: be calm, patient, loving, and firm with the kids.

Maple Mountain Hike

Pictures from my hike to the top of Maple Mountain near Spanish Fork, Utah on June 16, 2012.

Should I?

Should I put up the Obama 2012 sign? Will the people of Spanish Fork be influenced by their liberal neighbor? Stay tuned!

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